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City Government



Oroville City Council

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


 1.   Call to order.  Pledge of Allegiance.

 2.   Copies of the June 4, 2019 meeting minutes to be read (Attach A)


 3.   Scheduled Appearances:

 Sabrena Smith ~ Okanogan County Juvenile Department


 4.   Old Business:

 City Crew Appointment Request ~ Superintendent Thompson

 Ordinance #877 ~ amending the salaries & wages for the City Crew (Attach B)

 Champerty Shores Sewer ~ Copy of August 2017 letter (Attach C)

 No Smoking Sign examples (Attach D)


 5.   New Business:

 Public Hearing ~ Six Year Street Plan

  • Resolution #571 (Attach E1)
  • 2020-2025 Report (Attach E2)

 Annual Business Meeting Voting Delegate (Attach F)


 6.   Other Business:


 7.   For Your Information:

 Mayor / Council Compensation Comparison Worksheet (Attach G)

 Planning Commission Minutes (Attach H)







 Current Budget