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 The Oroville City Hall, City Shop & Police Dept. will be closed Friday, November 10, 2017 in observance of Veteran’s Day.

 Customers with a Friday collection day will be picked up on Thursday.


The Oroville City Hall will be closed Wednesday, November 22nd @ 12:00, Thursday, November 23rd & Friday, November 24th in observance of Thanksgiving. 

 Customers with a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday collection will be picked up on Wednesday, November 22nd.  



The City of Oroville hereby announces its FY 2018-2020 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Race-Neutral goal of 2.19% for airport construction projects.  The proposed goal and rational are available for inspection between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday at Oroville City Hall, 1308 Ironwood, Oroville, WA for 30 days from the date of this publication.

Comments on the DBE Project Goal may be sent to:

City of Oroville, JoAnn Denney, City Clerk, PO Box 2200, Oroville, WA  98844 or Federal Aviation Administration, Civil Rights Staff, ASW-9, PO Box 92007, Los Angeles, CA  90009.

FY 2018-2020 Overall Goal
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program



Contractors and Vendors Lists


As authorized under RCW 35.23.352(2), and RCW 35.23.352(8), the City of Oroville is updating their Small Works Roster, consisting of contractors interested in performing work for the City of Oroville which is estimated to cost less than $100,000 and their Vendor’s List, consisting of vendors interested in providing supplies, materials, equipment or services between $7,500 and $15,000 through telephone and/or written quotations.

In awarding contracts for such projects, the City of Oroville shall invite proposals from all appropriate contractors or vendors who have requested to be included on the Small Works Roster and/or Vendors List, and shall select the lowest responsible bid.

All contractors and vendors, where required by law, must be properly licensed or registered in this state.

The City of Oroville actively seeks participation by minority or women owned firms who otherwise qualify.

Individual Assurity Bonds acceptable.

Forms may be secured at the Oroville City Hall or by calling 509-476-2926.




For your information the following are new City Ordinances:


911 Abuse Ordinance

Animal Ordinance

Prohibiting U-Turn Ordinance

Final Documents adopted at 6/12/17 OCOG Meeting