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City Government






Oroville City Council

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 ~ 7 pm

Call in number:  800-366-4519


 1.   Call to order.  Pledge of Allegiance.

 2.   Copies of March 7th meeting minutes to be read (Attach A)


 3.   Scheduled Appearances:

Salley Bull ~ Oroville Market Association

          Park Use Application – Farmer’s Market (Attach B1)

          Park Use Application – May Day Art in the Park (Attach B2)

          2022 Year End Report / 2023 Season’s Vision (Attach B3)

          Sidewalk Sign Permit Application (Attach B4)


Traci Neal ~ Chamber of Commerce


 4.   Old Business:

Mayor/Council Electronic Devices Update


 5.   New Business:

FAA Entitlements Transfer – Oroville to Brewster

          Transfer Form (Attach C1)

          FAA email request for transfer (Attach C2)


WSLCB Liquor License Renewal Applications Notice for Trino’s & Pastime (Attach D)


Ordinance #930 ~ Amending Police Department Sergeant Salary (Attach E)


Police Department Conditional Offer of Employment Proposal (Attach F)


Police Department Hiring and Retention Payment Agreement Proposal (Attach G)


 6.   Other Business:


Councilman Moser   ~ TranGO Update

                             ~ Homeless Meeting Update


Department Head Updates ~


7.   Public Comment Period:


 8.   For Your Information:






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